Dog research is an initiative that aims to study the relationship between dogs and people in western and non western countries.

In our western world the dog inhabits a special place. Though in olden days used for hunting, defending and guarding the dog now functions as a pet, a friend and sometimes a status symbol or fashion accessory. This is closely connected to the social development in the western world; our current society has transformed into a society in which individualism and independence have become the most important articles. This influences people’s social needs and skills. As people are social beings they keep searching for other ways to satisfy their social needs. Pets have become important mediums for these social needs. It is mainly the dog that appears to be fit for this purpose: easy to caress, loyal, docile, trustworthy and obedient in most cases. 

In non-western countries the relationship between dogs and people are often very different from the situation described above. In these countries there may be large stray dog populations, there may be religious beliefs how to approach dogs, there may be cultural prejudices etc. Dogs are not at all considered as man's best friend in these places 

Canine behaviour science – Anthropology

The backgrounds of dog behaviour and the communication between dogs and people are considered in the canine behaviour science. The profession of canine behaviour therapist is a new and not generally recognised profession. It is a specialism that draws its scientific frame work from various other science disciplines such as psychology, animal behaviour science and biology. It is the canine behaviour therapist’s task to observe and interpret both the dog’s and owner’s behaviour and to evaluate and improve the interaction between the two. The Anthropology is interested in the cultural reasons for human behavior.  What are the reasons behind human beliefs and human manifest?

Dog research follows the discussions in the field of canine  behaviour science from an anthropological point of view. Dog Research uses the canine behavior science but also considers the social and psychological backgrounds concerning the relationships between dogs and people. Dog Resaerch tries to find answers by talking and listening to people. Ultimate goal is a world in wich people treat dogs and each other with respect and tolerance.