Study  under Dutch Canine professionals to investigate their interest to join an (international) organization for canine  professionals

Stray dogs in the Netherlands

In honor of 4/4 World Stray Animals Day, Dog Research did investigate the Netherlands did solve her stray dog problem. The Netherlands is one of the few countries in the world that currently has no stray dogs problem. By 1800 there were many stray dogs in the Netherlands The research focuses on the factors and parties involved in solving the stray dog problem. In addition there are recommendations for countries where the stray dog problem still exists.


Culture, women and dogs:  Dog Reseach is working on a book about culture, women and dogs.  This will be a tribute to dogs told by women from different cultures all over the world.  Are you interested; send an email to

Dog Research also provides customer satisfaction surveys for your company or organization. Recently we designed a customer satisfaction survey for KNGF

Cesar Millan Study 

In 2011 Dog Research did do a study on to the impact of Cesar Millan. This study (international) was done  under dogowners and canine professionals.

Feel free to read the article. Whenever you want to make use of it please contact me first.9-05-2011

7 may Cesar Millan was in Amsterdam for his European live tour. I had the opportunity to hand over the results op the study. Cesar Millan gave me a positive reaction and was  interested  in the results.  
  Cesar and me  Cesar and me

I  want to thank all respondents for their participation. Two people I want to  thank especially:

 Guus Drogt, he helped me with the translation from Dutch to English and Vincent van Winsen, he helped me with the lay out of the final article.

Vinsent   Guus

 Vincent van Winsen                                        Guus Drogt



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