Wanted: Dog Research is looking for women from different cultures in which dogs are seen as unreliable, false and dangerous. Are you a woman and did you start to love dogs later in life: we would like to invite you to tell us your story. Research dog is busy writing a book on woman, dog and culture and maybe your story will fit in it. (sign up via email to infodogresearch.nl)

Survey into cultural responses to dogs

Dogs mean  different things in different cultures. In western culture dogs occupy a central and special place; they are regarded as a family member, friend and in the streets they are an accepted phenomenon. In many other cultures they serve a very different purpose, either used as guard or hunting dogs. Also in some cultures and religions dogs are looked upon as unclean.

People migrating from non-western cultures to the west have become a major occurrence. Due to political unrest, economic insecurity or human rights violations many non-westerners do take the step to flee the Europe. Once they have arrived these people are confronted with the all-present dog. How do immigrants deal with this, especially if dogs in their own culture are considered unclean or dangerous and unreliable.

Dog Research has set up a survey in order to learn  how non-western migrants view and deal with dogs in their new homelands. Are they bothered by dogs at large all over the place, are they frightened by it? How does it influence it their daily lives? Are you a non-western migrant then you are welcome participate by clicking the link below and filling in the questionnaire.


Dog Research is an independent research institute. All data will be kept confidential and not be passed on to third parties.






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