Stray dogs in the Netherlands

In honor of  4/4 World Stray Animals Day,  Dog Research did investigate how the Netherlands did solve her stray dog problem. The Netherlands is one of the few countries in the world that currently has no stray dogs problem. By 1800 there were many stray dogs in the Netherlands The research focuses on the factors and parties involved in solving the stray dog problem. In addition there are recommendations for countries where the stray dog problem still exists.

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Research on Cesar Millan

Dog research finished a study on the impact of Cesar Millan. Reason for this study was de fierce discussions between protagonists and antagonists. 

The approach of Cesar Millan has the following features:

  • He assumes that every dog can be rehabilitated.
  • He states that the dog's behaviour is a reflection of the owner's emotional state.
  • He focuses on the behaviour and bearing of the owner.
  • He involves the whole family in the dog’s rehabilitation.
  • He communicates using clear and understandable body language.
  • He uses other dogs both in his analysis and during the rehabilitation of the problem behaviour.

Cesar Millan treated the problematic behaviour of dogs through their handlers. He helps the owners to become aware of their attitude and inner condition. Using the idea that every creature can be rehabilitated and that the dog's behaviour is a reflection of the emotional state of the human, it can be theorised that emotionally stable dogs could be able to help people gain insight into their own demeanour and the effect it has on those around them. Using dogs as therapists and teachers may prove useful in locating mental blocks and barriers that would otherwise remain unnoticed. This could lead to the development of a more complete approach that targets deeper psychological problems and enables the realisation of well-founded and sustainable behavioural changes.


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